Mariah Hamilton

Ralph Glows on Angel Numbers EP & Gears Up for Tour

In one month, Brooklyn is to be graced with her presence. Until then, you have this summer’s EP and the following interview. Enjoy it all and gear up for the live show.

Queer pop songstress Ralph is following in the footsteps of today’s most groundbreaking pop stars: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga. Through this, she is evolving and becoming a strong female artist in, and for, 2023. Her new EP, titled 222, consists of anthems for those that need to be heard. Hailing from Toronto, the singer connects to listeners from all over while showing off her voice track-after-track; especially on one of her favorites, “Just A Rose,” an original that she produced on her own. 

Her talent and work ethic are getting her places, but she also has the support of her family, friends, and girlfriend to fuel her soul. The Aquarian’s Robert Frezza sat down with the budding star via Zoom to talk about her a-ha moment, her directorial debut, and all of the things that keep her on her toes while representing and performing.

Ralph, what was the deciding factor that pushed you to pursue a career in music? 

I wanted to be an actress ,and then I auditioned for Tree Number Three in my high school musical. They heard me singing and they casted me as the lead.

I always loved music and grew up in a very musical family. The moment I knew that I wanted to invest my life into music, though, is when I saw Patrick Watson perform. He’s from Quebec. He’s not a huge superstar, but he’s a mad, creative genius. I saw him in concert and I remember watching the show and it was truly electrifying. The crowd was hypnotized by his music and his passion. I remember saying to myself that I wanted to do that. 

And now you have directed, edited, and produced the video for your single, “Pain Relief.” What was that experience like?

It’s funny; I always creative directed everything I’ve done. I usually handpick the directors for my videos and they are usually all women. I am deeply entrenched in every creative sphere in my projects. I was going to work with a friend of mine for the video. She said, “You wrote the treatment. You directed everything already. Just do it.” What held me back was the fear – to know even the lingo and know what to yell what is what made me afraid, but the whole purpose of making this latest album was to get uncomfortable. Many of my friends and my cousin were involved in the video and it ended up being so much fun. It was really a positive experience. I really attribute it to everyone for their support.

Tell me more about that latest album, the EP, 222.

I wanted to show my evolution on this new EP. I felt like my new music became such an exciting expansion of me. I worked with a bunch of new producers and writers with this. I wanted to make sure my creative voice was really being heard. I love all the music I put out in the past, but wanted to hear new sounds. I wrote the first song on the EP, “Just A Rose,” as a demo. I brought it to my friend Jim and he liked it. I wouldn’t say it’s a concept EP, but I wanted it to be a unified body of work. I wanted it to make it feel like an adventure. I wanted there to be a chaotic dance song and wanted there to be a ballad, as well. I took some risks.

222 is an angel number. My girlfriend said that I always text her at 2:22. We looked it up and it means that you are on the right path. If you stick to it… sometimes there are some obstacles and you might doubt yourself, but you are meant [to be] where you are and you have got to have faith. I felt like that became my mantra. Being an indie artist, you are on a high and then you dip to the lows, but there’s something that keeps me ticking. 

I met Devon Cole and Goldchain, who are both on featured on the EP, and I wanted to write with both artists. It’s always funny when I find cool new people and then I wonder how they are still under the radar.

Are you excited for the tour? How much production is going into it?

I’m very excited. I think the huge part of the production are my costumes. I want interesting unique pieces. I sewed a piece by myself! I want to incorporate more choreography in my production, as well. A lot of people have seen me perform before, so I don’t want to do the same thing again. 

What’s your favorite song off the EP and why?

I honestly don’t know if I could answer that. I really love all the songs for different reasons. I love “Just A Rose’ because I co-produced it and produced the original. I don’t get to show off my voice that often either. 

How important is it to be a female and LGBTQ+ artist in 2023? Do you consider yourself a role model?

I’m deeply in my head at all the times how my actions or my words affect others. Just because I am singer, it doesn’t mean I’m not a person. I write songs that are autobiographical. I’m trying to speak to the people who want to seen, heard, and less alone. I’ve been surrounded by courageous women, including my mother. I’ve been an ally to the queer community and now I feel like I am actually in it. I’m curious to see on tour how that feels on stage. I have an obligation for people who need to be heard. I have to give back the LGTBQ community now. 

Where do you get your motivation from?

It’s simple things. I force myself, when I’m in head, to go outside, exercise, and I have a cat that brings me joy. I have family that is very supportive. My girlfriend has been a huge supporter of tangible changes.