Valentino Petrarca

Lorna Shore’s Holiday Spirit on Display

At this point in 2024, there should be zero doubt that Lorna Shore is one of the most important metal bands working in the scene currently. The band may have gone viral for the heaviest breakdown in deathcore, as heard in decades with “To The Hellfire,” but the band has evolved so much since then. Last year the band dropped their new album and first full length with new vocalist Will Ramos called Pain Remains. Many (including us) have hailed it as one of the best deathcore albums… ever. It’s as heavy and intense as you’d expect from the band, but also deeply emotional. 

Deathcore has always been a relatively underground genre; while bands sustain a living and make a career out of music, few artists in this genre get invited to Lollapalooza and sell out thousand capacity rooms instantly. They sold out Starland Ballroom for their 2023 holiday shows, are set to play Sick New World in 2024, and are on the path to take over the world. Please check out our pictures taken at their energetic, extraordinary hometown holiday show on December 22.