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Deleted Scenes: This Thing

This thing will change your life. You’ve seen other things like it, but this thing is different than all of them. This thing is the Real Deal. It’s like no other thing. This thing is the new, the latest, ...
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Reality Check: Reader Responses

James,   You have it rather correct here. (AMERICAN YOUTH - MOVEMENT, FAD OR VOICE? – Issue: 10/26/11.) In fact, if this Occupy thing has no effect on motivating and activating kids then nothing will...
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The Contrarian: Diplomacy Drama

Pakistan has been receiving money and military provisions from the United States since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1947, the year that Pakistan (and India) gained independence as sovereign nati...
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The Freak Show: Idiocy On Parade

A recent poll showed President Obama running neck and neck with an opponent labeled “Generic Republican.” However, when he was matched up against specific Republican candidates, he led in every poll, often by a...
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Deleted Scenes: Thanksgiving

I was going to write this week’s column about those children out in California at UC Davis who got pepper-sprayed for, uh, existing, and it was going to be a big long rant about how people should be throwing Mo...
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