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Day Wave: New York Newbie

Hot, new, and just in time to catch the summer buzz, Day Wave is hopping on the venue bandwagon and catching a wave to the top of the music charts. This young artist has just released his debut EP, Headcase, th...
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Kristian Nairn: Hodor Hosts

Who knew Hodor could mix? Game Of Thrones’ own Kristian Nairn has just released his piano house mix “Up/Beacon” featuring Leanne Robinson. The rather catchy track reveals a pretty successful double life for the...
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Lucifer: Dance With The Devil

The European outfit Lucifer proclaim themselves to be “heavy magic rock” on their Facebook page, and their musical style clearly reflects this ambitious concept. Started only last year, Lucifer have already rel...
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Young Guns: Raise, Aim, Fire

It appears that the U.K. alternative rockers of Young Guns are once again becoming the top guns of the hard rock scene. With the recent release of their new LP, Ones And Zeros, it's fair to assume that it's goi...
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Crazy & The Brains: Good Lord!

Fun anti-folk band Crazy & The Brains seeks wild and nutty audience for a summer festival at their own venue, The Funhouse, in Jersey City. Located at 32 Center Street, there will be food trucks, a BBQ, and...
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Joe Bonamassa: The 3 Kings Tour

To benefit guitarist Joe Bonamassa and his Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, the music of B.B. King, Albert King and Freddie King will take center stage at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden on Aug. 7 and ...
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