Primal Static: The Curtain Of Many Faces

You hear a lot of bands talk about how they are trying to break the mold of the music industry and are providing listeners with music that is really something unique and different. But how many of them are actually doing what they say? Listening to Primal Static’s The Curtain Of Many Faces, the duo of Greg Thuman and HouFei Yang create songs that combine blues-rock and trance dance beats and give you something completely different with each track on the album. It’s blues guitar-meets-Fruit Loops, and if you were on the hunt for something new, look no further than Primal Static.

“Love Drone” gives you a taste of the blues, yet the very next track, “Dream Arabic,” really shows off what Thuman does with his sound manipulation talents. It is like an electro-jam where the guitar provides an infectious melody, and the beats hold the song down and your interest as well. Songs like “Shelter” provide blues vocals over guitar swells, a mandolin solo and sweet beats really showing off what Primal Static is about. It’s a trippy combination any band has yet to make, which is what makes Thuman and Yang true innovators in the music world.

Thuman leads Primal Static with his raw vocals, blues guitar and love of dance beats, while Yang accompanies him on keyboard and bass. Yang, who lived in China until she came to the U.S. at age 18, is a classically trained pianist who shows off her skills on “Enimia,” where the piano creates the bass line for the song. Thuman and Yang stick to anything but a classical approach to things. They have a novel method of creating new music with their combination of sounds that makes them stand out from any other band in the music scene today. Each track on The Curtain Of Many Faces stands out for the sheer fact each one is different from the next making the album one that should stand out in the indie music world.

In A Word: Innovative