Little Rock, AR native band The See are not what you would expect out of a band from that far south. Pretending And Ending opens with an instrumental minute-long piece of music that is soothing and spacey in that familiar Explosions In The Sky type of way. The second song, “Storytelling” opens with a chorus of cheers. This little jam flies through with an indie rock feel at the forefront. Their signature here is a blend of rock-oriented guitars and a sound similar to that of The Kooks.

“Enjoy Youth” is a simple, poppy track that the singer makes his own with vocals that lean more in the punk direction. The fifth song, “Head Like A Stone” is an acoustic number that mirrors the large scale impact of Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros while remaining fresh as it describes a breakup or at least an experience filled with loss, but the upbeat spirit of the band disguises this. Clever words and an energized guitar solo make “Hey,” the sixth track, something fun to hear, while lovesick lyrics over simple guitars make “Lenny” a track that will have you humming the chorus before it even ends. This type of song seems to be the standard single for alternative groups today, which is not necessarily a trend in which The See want to adhere to.

“Getting Older,” the seven-minute miniature ballad, might be the saving grace of the record; a cut on which each band member shows their stuff. This song feels like Filter’s “Picture,” and that is a compliment. The musicians of this band have a knack for the craft, as they have a way of making a sound their own without ever making it over the top. Perhaps in the future, doing something a little out of the ordinary is what The See need to set them apart. All the pieces are there, they just need to figure out how to make them fit together.

In A Word: Basic

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