Denver, CO-based alt-rock band The Epilogues have a new release available for listening called Cinematics. This record begins with “The Shadow King” which, like its title, has an element of gloom about it. With a somber guitar riff and addictive lyrics, one is soon to be humming along with the track. The sad sound of the vocalist’s voice counterbalances the gradual rise in tempo that occurs within the number. “Call Me A Mistake,” the cut immediately following, tells the story of a love lost. This song has a distinctive grunge feel to not only the vocal style, but the entire musical composition of the piece.

As Cinematics plays through, a definite theme of darkness is apparent and it’s as if the lyricist is battling his demons through the grim layers within the music. Upon the first notes of the third track, “My Misinformed John Hughes Teenage Youth,” the ear is almost instantly intrigued. The number is aesthetically pleasing due to its seamless song structure and simplicity. “Paradigm Shift” begins as a lighter journey of a song, with gentler vocals and subtle guitar. Suddenly, the drums and singing become more frantic as the song transforms into something borderline progressive at its solo.

The Epilogues seem to have mastered fleshing out a place for themselves that is not to be confused with a band of any other sort. The ninth number, “The Fallout,” is a more fast-paced and emotional ride, with panicked vocal parts over synthesized harmonization. A lot of the second half of Cinematics incorporates synth elements underneath their hypnotizing guitars and singing. The album, as a whole, is a successful, quality work done by an act that cannot be compared to anyone. That is the goal of any band looking to make an impression and after listening to The Epilogues, an imprint remains.

In A Word: Impressive

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