An Interview With Third Eye Blind: How’s It Going To Be: 20 Years Later

An Interview With Third Eye Blind: How’s It Going To Be: 20 Years Later

Twenty years after the release of their debut, Third Eye Blind is celebrating their self-titled record with a summer tour that will feature the entire album played front-to-back. Profoundly poetic lyrics with an equal balance of catchy, radio-ready hooks culminate in a record that is cherished and revered by casual and serious music fans alike. And that is perhaps the most impressive legacy of Third Eye Blind. It is a record with enough singles to make it a staple of popular culture, but also so nuanced and “punk” that it is also a necessity for those with more selective tastes.

It’s probably near impossible to find someone who is unfamiliar with at least two to three songs from the record. The most popular, “Semi-Charmed Life,” combines sickly sweet pop with an irresistible refrain that has saturated Thursday karaoke nights. Anti-authoritarian rock anthem “Graduate” and the heartfelt “Jumper” are also some of the most popular songs.

And while the adoration of these hits is more than justifiable, it is the deeper cuts—the painful and visceral “Motorcycle Drive By,” the desperate “God of Wine”—that elevate the album to fundamental-listening status and perch it high on many people’s favorite albums of all …

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