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The Mumlers: Mumblings Of Mumlers

The Mumlers are headed to the East Coast for the end of their autumn tour. Though they have an indie folk style, their music is splashed with some horns, percussions and a little bit of soul that makes The Muml...
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Red Rooster: A Calm Color

This New York-based alt-country collection, fronted by Jay Erickson and Nat Zilkha, has a sound that is (sometimes) uncomfortably mixed with hip-hop beats. Red Rooster is a progressive twist on what country is ...
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TAB The Band: Put It On My Tab

TAB The Band has only been together for three years, but since then there has been no stopping them. This indie rock group is known for their spunky songs and music that is full of powerful riffs. Fans won’t be...
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Blackmore’s Night: They Sell-Out Castles

I can’t think of many things cooler than playing a castle tour, and I can’t think of a sound more appropriate for said tour than Blackmore’s Night. Members Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore’s (formerly of Dee...
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The Almost: Monsters Within

Created by Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie, The Almost debuted their first full-length, Southern Weather, two years ago to a welcoming crowd. Now, about to release their second offering, Monster Monster, on Nov. 3,...
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Cartel: Bursting The Bubble

Since first making an appearance on the scene in 2003, Georgia-based band Cartel has become a well-known mainstay in the music industry today. Having appeared as one of MTV’s first Band In A Bubble, they’ve cer...
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