Wild Rompit: Spirit Moves

Emerging from Philly’s college music scene, Wild Rompit followed their 2011 EP Brotherhood with the release of Spirit Moves, a record that captures careful precision in production quality, songwriting and overall cohesiveness from start to finish. Riding on their gritty indie rock sound, Spirit Moves exhibits influences of smooth …

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Vista Chino: Peace

For an album titled Peace, the debut from desert rockers Vista Chino—featuring vocalist John Garcia, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork—arrives after a long stretch of anything but. Following a stint of tours with the three former Kyuss bandmates and guitarist Bruno Fevery under the moniker Kyuss Lives! …

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The Slims: Slowpoke

Gainesville, Florida, is home to many famous musicians, including Tom Gabel, Stephen Stills and Tom Petty. It is also home to Travis Atria, one of the founders of the psychedelic rock band Morningbell, and Collin Whitlock. The two paired together to form The Slims, their homage to those who have …

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Digital Collapse: Digital Collapse

Amidst the ranks of unsigned bands comes Scranton natives Digital Collapse and their self-titled debut EP. Dabbling in the post-grunge genre is a level of experimentation that needs sure footing to get right. With an overcast of muddy distortion, light and tasteful screams and a foreboding tone, Digital Collapse gets …

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American Sharks: American Sharks

American Sharks are a three-piece rock outfit from Austin, Texas. Although their debut record consists of nine tracks totaling a little over 20 minutes, it doesn’t take away from the quality or reputability of the music. Each song has a driving force that is produced by the Nick Cornetti’s pummeling …

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The Battery Electric: Weaving Spiders

Few bands put out a full-length their first year of formation, and even fewer score themselves a record deal before it’s even finished. Hailing from Asbury Park, The Battery Electric became part of that small margin when they struck a deal with Little Dickman and released their debut, Weaving Spiders

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Brother Dege: How To Kill A Horse

Brother Dege (aka Dege Legg) is a solo songwriter/guitarist from Lafayette, Louisiana, who’s been writing and arranging his own blues music since the late ‘90s. Since the addition of his song “Too Old To Die Young” to the soundtrack of Django Unchained, he has composed new material that is …

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Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

In the 26 years since Bill Leeb left Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly have moved in fits and starts through industrial, disco and metal to an increasingly electronic style but always featuring Leeb’s penchant for intensity and harsh themes. FLA’s latest release, Echogenetic, is their 18th studio album, and it …

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Orbé Orbé: Invisible Kingdoms

Orbé Orbé is the newest project led by New Yorker-turned-Seattleite Cristina Orbé. The Kickstarter gods have been gracious in allowing for the release of their debut LP, Invisible Kingdoms. An ambitious but easily relatable piece, the album is defined by Orbé’s very personal lyrics sung through her powerful, jazzy …

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Whiskey Six: American Grit

Lighting the trail from Phoenix, AZ comes a group with raw attitude and tenacity to match. Whiskey Six brings much more to the table than just another hard rock album with their latest work, American Grit. The 12-track high-octane record brings to life classic influences with a modern twist …

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