The Futures League: Don’t Be A Drag

The Futures League are an indie group from Los Angeles. Don’t Be A Drag, their debut release, is a five-song EP that packs a punch of rock ‘n’ roll in many of its forms, while sticking to its most effective formulas. A concise, no-nonsense record, it is a jolt of energy rooted in garage rock, with an ever-so-slight psychedelic haze surrounding it, and with a sort of punk attitude pleasantly drowned in L.A. style.

The tracklist is divided between three lively, bright-toned songs, and two edgier, more somber pieces. “Give My Lovin A Try,” “Women, Trials & Tribulations” and “Too Many Lies” fill the first category. Complete with driving basslines, background organs and a mix of fuzzy and crunchy guitar work, they fully capture the band’s energy and West Coast roots.

The other two tracks, in contrast, feature heavier distortion and a noticeably bitter sound. “I Seen Jesus,” with its mammoth riff, poisonous leads and accompanying falsetto is heavily reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, while the more bluesy and energetic “Wanna Go” closes the EP in a whirl between ‘70s hard rock and a stylistic nod to Jim Morrison and The Doors.

For now, the EP passes with good marks. Subtle and effective in combining the L.A. glamour with more indie elements, their collective effort makes for feel-good music in classic rock ‘n’ roll style, best listened to while cruising in traffic with the windows open. Their music, however, is yet to show signs of extraordinary potential, and it is still very much an open bet as to whether they will be able to repeat themselves when the time comes around to tackling a full-length effort.

In A Word: Punkchic