Oscillator Bug: Bursts Of The Million

A unique and refreshing project, Oscillator Bug debut with a bold combination of various rock ‘n’ roll strands and electronic music. It is hard in this decade to find artists busying themselves with experimentation and avoid either overdoing it or lacking in experience. Perhaps it’s because the opposing genres cancel each other out, but this band manages to do that perfectly.

Bursts Of The Million is a spectacular record, perhaps not easy on the ears of the multitude (and understandably so), but to be praised nonetheless for its technical achievements. Oscillator Bug are apt at making the combination not too noticeable, almost normal. The electronics are subtle and do not take away from the structure of the songs. In turn, the rock is never turned up too high, and doesn’t devastate the delicate nature of the album.

From the brilliantly chaotic garage rock tracks “Evanasion” and “Feel Rif,” to tracks with more pop-sensitive resemblances to Animal Collective like “Don’t Go To Sleep” and “Cilycada,” or even with standout pieces like the questionably acoustic “Big Snow” and the melodic and ringing guitar track “Solo,” the album flows together splendidly, without ever ending into mediocrity guised as artistic expression. As wild as this record can be, it doesn’t strive to leave any grandiose mark on music, but simply to be a balanced and well-written piece of music. And in doing so, this band shows a tremendous mastery of its own genre, or at the very least, of its own songcraft.

Perhaps not the most groundbreaking of records, and certainly not up for any chart-topping success, but Bursts Of The Million deserves recognition as an unassuming underdog with incredible potential. A great investment for Dymaxion Groove Records, and anyone taking time to listen to this band.

In A Word: Glowing