Rant’N’Roll: ZZ Top & Gov’t Mule Rock The Sands

Bethlehem, PA—It was Hippie Night at the Sands Entertainment Center. That li’l ol’ band from Texas, ZZ Top, now fully formed as a monolithic icon with sterling sound, mouth-watering material and an old-fashioned propensity for tried’n’true show biz moves guaran-damn-teed to get the geezers and the gamblers, the kids and …

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An Interview With Warren Haynes Of Gov’t Mule: A Gentleman Of Guitar

A handful of highly-esteemed bands and collaborations of our time share an ambitious common denominator: Warren Haynes, one of the most respected musicians in the world whose prolific career spans discographies, genres and decades. A consummate professional, the dedicated vocalist/guitarist/songwriter has earned a reputation for being a grounded gentleman and …

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An Interview with Gov’t Mule: 20 Years Mighty

Gov’t Mule has a specialty for every season. In spring and summer you’ll find them headlining festivals everywhere—including an annual appearance at the Mountain Jam Festival that frontman Warren Haynes helped found. Come fall and winter, Mule fans clamor for tickets to the band’s musically-costumed Halloween and New Year’s Eve …

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Interview with Warren Haynes from Gov’t Mule: The Dramatic Return

Gov’t Mule will be returning to The Beacon Theatre in New York for their annual New Year’s run with two shows, Friday, Dec. 30, and Saturday, Dec. 31. The band has played very few shows this year, and every year they have a special theme, so these two look to …

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Bonnaroo Festival

MANCHESTER, TN—At the 10th annual Bonnaroo Festival 85,000 music fans took on 9 stages in the sweltering heat for an orgy of sights and sounds, great food, no cops and a funky aroma that permeated the air like the sweet smell of an old friend. Waterslides, volleyball nets, games, comedy, …

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Summer Concert Guide: If You Only Go To 20 Shows This Summer…


Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

July 8

One of the more interesting concerts this summer is the return of the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. The group was of the most successful acts in the ‘90s until they decided to call it quits while still on top of the world. More …

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Interview with Butch Trucks from the Allman Brothers Band: Don’t Think

Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you before you can believe in yourself. For drummer Butch Trucks that person was Allman Brothers Band guitarist Duane Allman.

“I was lucky enough to meet Duane Allman,” says Trucks. “Until I met him I was very introverted and insecure. I mean, …

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Gov’t Mule: Love, Peace And Mule

Gov’t Mule
Love, Peace And Mule
By Alycia Abreu
Gov’t Mule joined forces 15 years ago as a side project to the Allman Brothers Band, but these guys have had success that is all their own. With seven studio albums, sold out tours and a handful of DVDs, Gov’t Mule …
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Interview with Gov’t Mule: The Essential Rock

Warren Haynes is all over the place—in the best of ways. Haynes sits as a fixture to Gregg Allman’s left since 1990 in the Allman Brothers Band, he was a once touring member of the Grateful Dead after the passing of Jerry Garcia, and resides a guitarist who has a …

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