O.A.R. @ Wellmont Theater

MONTCLAIR, NJ—The Wellmont Theater air felt electric with post-Christmas buzz. The crowd of 30-somethings was excited to share a drink with friends and dance the night away as O.A.R. dominated the stage of the Montclair, NJ venue.

The band brought the crowd to their feet by opening with “Dangerous Connection” …

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An Interview with O.A.R.: Bring It On Home

1996 was a great year in rock music. Albums such as Alice In Chains’ Unplugged, Soundgarden’s Down On The Upside and the final record from Sublime were all released in that short time frame. Around the same time, four high school friends in Rockville, Maryland, decided to form a …

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O.A.R.: Live On Red Rocks

Maryland’s Of A Revolution released Live On Red Rocks late last year. Their latest 2CD live album was recorded at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater and includes one of their most popular songs, “Shattered.” This album shows O.A.R.’s experience on stage and musical talent in their expertly executed songs. While …

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Interview with Jerry DePizzo from O.A.R.: Revving Up For The Next Revolution

The thrill of a live music tour is unparalleled. From the fast-paced travel schedule to the grueling tour bus life, there is nothing quite like the literal and figurative journey. Some acts, however, garner the respect and privilege to stay put for a bit. At New York City’s illustrious Madison …

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Interview with Chris Culos from O.A.R.: Kings Of The Upheaval

O.A.R is not a band that took the generic route to success. After 15 years with the same line-up, they still retain the vitality and enthusiasm of a group that’s just started out. Hailed and supported by college kids throughout the years, the diverse and colorful rock band has spread …

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Interview with O.A.R.: This Is Who O.A.R. Is

Maryland band O.A.R. has been around for over a decade, playing hundreds and hundreds of shows to their rabid fanbase. Although the band is mostly known for their live performances, they go into the studio every few years and make an album, the most recent of which, All Sides, …

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O.A.R. @ Tweeter Center

Unlike so many artists that are quick to forget their back catalogs once they’ve had a mainstream hit, O.A.R. chose to remember their rich repertoire over generating easy applause from the newly anointed during their Aug. 10 performance at the Tweeter Center on The Waterfront in Camden, NJ.

At a …

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