Copeland: In Motion

Atlanta’s Copeland are the perfect band. Polite and nice guys who ended up making some of the best music the emo and indie community has seen in quite awhile. Their fans are far from the typical “emo kids.” Their live shows are still intimate and far better than most, despite their growing popularity. Yet the question still lingered, could they ever make a record better than their debut (Beneath Medicine Tree)?

The buzz on the punk news sites regarding the new Copeland disc was varied at first. Few fans enjoyed Copeland’s CD of cover tunes. They had not been on tour since the summer and the buzz was quickly dissipating. While, the emo world was looking forward to a new Jimmy Eat World disc, Copeland was sadly left in the background. But, their faith in Copeland was still apparent.

Rest assured there is no reason to worry. Every track on the new CD is beautiful and the melodies are equally as magnificent. Copeland have once again made a magnificent piece of work. “Pin Your Wings” is arguably one of the best songs they have ever written. The hooks and crashing guitar parts make it perfect for a live setting and it will truly be hard for any band to top. “You Have My Attention” is extremely catchy and the jingle bells in the background are a perfect addition to one of the most lyrically beautiful tracks on the disc. All 10 songs bring back the memorable lyrics of Beneath Medicine Tree with an added punch that a band can only acquire by being on the road and working as hard as these guys do.

Musically and lyrically, they are better than ever and Aaron’s voice is still one of the best in all of the music industry. This disc is a must-have, and is sure to be on many year-end lists.