Edgewater: We’re Not Robots

We’re Not Robots is a problematic title for an album. So is PeoplePC commercial cover art. But nothing quite prepared me for what was to come inside—nu-metal.

That’s right, a genre that for all intents and purposes was put out to pasture at least half a decade ago, with only a few dinosaurs still roaming the landscape. As such, Edgewater’s recent re-attempt to enter the mainstream after several failed attempts to break through on Wind-Up Records before the label dropped them is—well, let’s just say it evokes some pity.

Some. From the derivative Helmet riffage to the noticeable ProTools cut-n-paste production to the Maynard and Co. worship, We’re Not Robots has all the trappings of something you found forgettable seven years ago. Throw in some really misplaced tongue-in-cheek desperation, like paying homage to Faith No More’s “Be Aggressive” and Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend” in the same song (“Caught In The Moment”) and the pathos becomes palpable.

In A Word: Deprecated