Arthur Dodge: The Perfect Face

In The Perfect Face’s opening track, “She Wants A Cowboy,” Arthur Dodge talks about a girl who “wants the real thing/ but all of them are gone.” Arthur Dodge is no cowboy, but he is by all means a rarity himself, a musician of the past.

Arthur writes and performs music you might expect to hear on the radio a good 30 years ago. He has all the sincerity of Neil Young and the gorgeous songwriting ability of Bob Dylan, who he not surprisingly cites as one of his biggest influences.

With the help of an extra guitarist, a drummer, bassist and keyboardist, Arthur Dodge produces a rolling, harmonic, wholesome sound. His music is easy to appreciate, but difficult to create. While his bluesy but delicate folk sounds relatively simple and straightforward, by the third listen you’ll realize all the subtle intricacy tucked into every track.

In A Word: Endangered