Interview with Say Anything: Making Headlines

Are you excited to be on Warped Tour this summer?

Excited and nervous. We hear it’s grueling and we are tough cookies, but in a way we’re really just a bunch of pussies. We’ve never done it.

How do you feel about the fact that Say Anything have such a different sound than a lot of the other bands on the tour?

I am stoked to bring the noise! There are some great bands on the tour and we are punk-ish, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Now that the band has settled into a major label, do you feel that there is more pressure on a major?

Nah. Most of the pressure I feel comes from within myself. Even when we were on Doghouse I wanted to be the best at everything, which is impossible to achieve but at least worth trying. (laughter)

Your latest album, In Defense Of The Genre, deviated a bit from your debut in its experimentation with sound. Did you want to move the music in a new direction or was that just natural growth for the band?

Both. We naturally like to challenge ourselves and the listener.

How did you approach the making of the album, especially the idea of having two discs?

Well it slowly became that over time, and once we knew we were going to do it we were very meticulous and efficient and organized in the studio. We had to be to get it done cuz it took forever. It was a monster task.

Do you think releasing a two-disc album overshadows a lot of really solid songs because there is so much material?

Not if you’re a true fan. A real music listener takes the time to listen enough that they could, at the very least, pick out their favorite songs if not enjoy the whole thing, inmy opinion.

I hear rumors about an album in the works between yourself and Chris Conley of Saves The Day. Confirm or deny?

Confirm! Nuff said.

What can fans expect of that?

It will be homoerotic.

What up and coming bands are you really enjoying now?

Eisley, Manchester Orchestra, Biffy Clyro, Japandi, Alex Kent, Page France.

Besides yourself, who would you classify as a sexy Jew?

Neil Diamond, of course.

Say Anything will be performing at the Nokia Theater in NYC on March 29. For more visit