Interview with The Chariot: Five Men And A Baby

The ChariotThese past few weeks I have been interviewing a lot of the bands that will be gracing New Jersey the first weekend in May for the long-awaited Bamboozle Festival. Each one of them is anticipating their own set and anxious to watch all the bands that they have not had a chance to catch while on the road. At the very least they have expressed their uber-excitement for Snoop Dogg’s performance.

Everyone that is, except for Christian metal-core band, The Chariot. How could you not be counting down the days until Bamboozle? It is like all of Warped Tour crowded into two days when band members have the chance to meet new friends and reunite with old ones. Josh Scogin, lead singer of The Chariot, insists that he “would take a club any day” over The Bamboozle. What a spoiled sport. With the incredible artist line-up over the weekend, I find Scogin’s answer a bit hard to swallow. Oh, and if you are attending the fest to see The Chariot perform don’t except any surprises from the band. Hayley Williams of Paramore will not be contributing guest vocals as she did on the album. Scogin seems quite pessimistic about that duet happening in the Garden State. But I will give Scogin the benefit of the doubt with his view on The Bamboozle because he is a truly talented artist that can turn any project he touches to pure gold. Even though countless band members that leave a popular act have difficulties beginning new musical ventures, Scogin has built up The Chariot into a band of its own that can play in the same league as his old project, Norma Jean. As a self-described Christian band, the name stems from a verse in The Bible in which the prophet Elijah is taken to heaven by a fiery chariot. Formed in late 2003, the band has experienced numerous line-up changes, (Scogin is the only original member of the band) but have evolved with their rotating members. The band’s latest album, 2007’s The Fiancee, is peppered with fine tuned metal riffs and melodic undertones that display the heavy yet melodic characteristics that make the band stand out in a sea of metal-core wannabees.

How is the tour going thus far? Where are you now?

Tour is fine. Right now I am in Nebraska.

Which band has the best transportation on this tour?

I guess Alesana would win that category since they are in a bus.

What’s your favorite tour memory?

So many…I can’t think of just one right now. My mind always goes blank at these questions.

Even though The Chariot is a self-described Christian band, are you sick of defending that to people?

Not really. My goal in life is not to run around “convincing” people that I am a Christian. I just am. So I don’t really ever have to “defend” that or anything.

Do you feel that a lot of bands playing similar types of music as you, like The Devil Wears Prada, get unfairly lumped into one category?

Maybe sometimes.