North Jersey Notes Update: Split Vision, Apathy, Ten Feet From Murder, Charetta

After playing an unbelievable show at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, last weekend, I have tons of news about some of the bands involved! First off, my bros from Split Vision have finally posted some more new songs off of their long-awaited upcoming EP on their MySpace page, Split Vision’s “For You” has been posted on the page forever, but they recently added “Fallen” and “Sorrow,” which can be requested on WSOU’s Street Patrol. These tracks sound great! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the CD! Or wait! Maybe I already did! Hmmm, to hear the new Split Vision songs, log onto

Pete Wells and his boys, or should I say “Metal Gods,” from Apathy are looking to take some time off to write some new material for their upcoming untitled CD. Well, actually they’ve already begun writing it, but Apathy feels that they need to take some time off from performing to iron things out with the new songs that they’ve written. You can find out more about Apathy at

Congrats to the boys from Ten Feet From Murder! Looks like Eduardo and the boys landed a worldwide digital distribution deal with a company called E-Klectric of the Go Digital Media Group. E-Klectric plans on re-mastering Ten Feet From Murder’s Murder EP, but they also plan on adding a live track to it and releasing Ten Feet’s music video for their song, “Lost Soul.” Ten Feet From Murder is the first metal band to sign with the distribution company. They’re mainly known for their work with Master P, Romeo and DJ Honda. The newly re-mastered Ten Feet From Murder CD should be out sometime this summer. For more on Ten Feet From Murder, log onto

In other local music news, other than the bands that I played with last weekend, one of my buds, Dave Chisolm, formerly of Sixty Miles Down and 1,000 lb. Head, has apparently found a home with the female-fronted NYC band, Charetta, and they’re pretty good! So, good luck to Dave with that new project! To get a taste of Charetta, log onto

And finally, it looks like my bro and former guitarist, Steve Ladd, is putting back together our old band, Smoke Star with members of his old band, American Slang, minus their singer. Steve left my current band Hostel Inc. back in February, and has been writing new music ever since. Smoke Star is currently looking for a singer, so if you’re interested, hit Steve up at

That’s all for now! If your band is from North Jersey and you want some exposure, send your demos and press kits to Arts Weekly, c/o Tim Louie P.O. Box 1140 Little Falls, NJ 07424 or if you want me to check out your band or a band that you think could use some exposure email me and let me know where you’re performing next. No cover bands, please!

Just remember… We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!