The Sleeping and Envy On The Coast: Band On Band

Doug: Did you like that question?

Ryan: Oh, that was an awesome question.

Doug: Cool. I don’t know why I thought of it, but I just wanted to picture tandem jumps. Oh, it was because I watched Harold And Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Ryan: Was it good?

Doug: Yeah. It’s funny as hell. At one part, they jump out of a plane and only one of them has a parachute. We have a tour that’s starting in two days. Is there any particular event that you’re looking forward to playing, and why?

Ryan: First of all, I’m not just saying this, I’m so stoked for this tour because like, for that reason alone, it’s so much better to be with people you’re friends with and shit. I’m stoked to play Irving Plaza, because we didn’t get to play New York with you guys that last tour and it’s going to be insane doing New York. I’m also stoked for this venue called the Living Room in Providence. We fucking love that place.

Doug: I’m into that place too, it’s fucking awesome.

Ryan: The promoter there, this dude Mike Delahanty, is like one of the first dudes who was like you guys are rad and taken care of us. Every time we go there he buys us drinks and shit, he’s just a super cool dude. It’s one of those places where there isn’t anything super extravagant or anything there, it’s just that everything in there has been destroyed and painted black so many times and it just has so much character to it. The stage is just one of those stages that’s just comfortable for me, I don’t know why.

Doug: Even with that pole in the middle, I like love it.

Ryan: It’s awesome.

Doug: My last question is probably the most important question I’ve asked you in this whole interview. On this upcoming tour, are we going to hacky sack again?

Ryan: We’re absolutely going to hacky sack and we’re going to play soccer. Because both need to happen.

Doug: Alright. I’m into that.

Envy On The Coast and The Sleeping play Irving Plaza in NYC on Aug. 27. For more info, check out,, and