This past year, however, NFG has returned with a vengeance. Reverting to their grittier origins, the band released a straight-up punk album on indie label Bridge 9 entitled, Tip Of The Iceberg. Fast paced and reminiscent of rough around the edges punk roots, the band is back to the beginning coming full circle, but in a much more mature sense.

“Basically all of those relationships sucked and were big mistakes so we wrote Tip Of The Iceberg which was written right after everything was going down. That’s why if you listen to those lyrics they tie to everything that was going on with our lives at that point. That’s why Tip Of The Iceberg had that harder edge of New Found Glory. Plus we haven’t made songs like that in a while so it made sense,” said Gilbert.

As NFG once again makes their mark onto the ever changing scene, the band has formed camaraderie with other punk rock bands who have also rebelled against the pure pop-rock polished sound of most bands today. Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember and The Wonder Years, are just a few of the bands that are bringing back the good times of what the scene was supposed to be about—the music, fun, friends, and mosh pits, of course. Taking that on the road and abroad for the next few months, NFG is taking out Crime In Stereo and their friends in Four Year Strong for one of the most anticipated tours of 2008, The Easycore Tour.

“A New Found Glory hasn’t really done a tour in the U.S. since last year and since we have our new record on Bridge 9 and the hype surrounding our new album that’s coming out next year we are really excited to get back on the road.

So what can fans expect from a new and improved performance from NFG. Are there any tricks the band has up their sleeves?

“In the past six or seven years since Catalyst and Sticks And Stones NFG has really played the same set each night. We always had staple singles in our set for the diehard fans who would come out to see us, but even we played those songs out. So it just gets boring. But this time around we are going to playing a lot of fast-paced songs and those songs that fans yell for—there’s seriously like nine or 10 songs that we are playing in our set that we haven’t played in years. We even had to relearn some of them because we forgot parts,” said Gilbert.

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