What’s next for Bayside?

We’re at least going to tour for the next year pretty solid, I know that much. All that we know how to do is write a record, record it, and then go on tour. We don’t ever have an extended period of time off or anything like that. Right now we’re at step three, which is the longest step and that’s touring. We’re always paying attention, figuring out when things are dying down with an album or touring—the time to go write new material and all that. Hopefully that’s not for awhile so we’ll just be focusing on touring. We’re going to be doing all the international stuff. Hopefully we’ll do a support tour in the spring and then hopefully Warped Tour next summer. I know we’re trying, so hopefully they’ll have us.

Well that news will certainly make a whole hell of a lot of kids very happy. Do you have any last words of wisdom?

Yes! Do not take music for granted, or anything for granted. If you don’t support live music—or music in general—it’s going to be really hard for bands to exist. No matter how big you think your favorite band is or how much money you think they have, there are bands out there, including us, who we put almost everything that we make back into the band so we can afford $500 worth of gas every day for our bus or for food or anything like that.

We’re certainly at a level, and a lot of bands are at our level, where it’s not exactly the most profitable thing in the world to leave your home for six weeks and kind of see what happens. So buying a ticket to a show, buying a t-shirt, buying CDs, those are things that are really going to keep bands on the road. I think it’s really important that people understand that. Things are changing. No band is going to go out of business if you stop buying their CDs. Record labels are going to go out of business if you stop buying CDs, but if people stop buying t-shirts and stop going to shows, then bands are not going to tour as much and there’s going to be a lot less music out there. Definitely don’t take anything for granted.

Catch Bayside at the Fillmore @ Irving Plaza in NYC on Nov. 14, at the Trocadero in Philly on Nov. 15, and at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, on Nov. 16. For more info, visit myspace.com/bayside.

Photo Credit: Lisa Johnson

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