Now that you are back in the States, is it just a Northeast leg that is on the books?

Yea we are just going to pull back down to Memphis in a round about way. I don’t really love touring in the winter because the roads could really be treacherous. I was always one to hit it really hard in the spring.

I find that the truly great artists have a level of inaccessibility that force people to be drunk with wonder. Do you feel because of Internet connectivity that it is hard to keep a basic level of the unknown in the eyes of the fans?

It is funny you should mention that because it gets really disillusioning to read so much about yourself in the papers sometimes. I don’t think there is just room for some wonder, but rather a need for it to return a little. Once you lay everything out there, then what do you have left for yourself?
For me personally I really don’t enjoy reading all of that stuff. I am not one that picks up rock magazines regularly, but my band does. They find literature about what is happening in the music industry.

As a teenager that is what kind of got me hooked, the wonder. The artists I was drawn to were bands who had spots I had to fill in my own mind.

Totally! You will hear an amazing song, or see a few photographs of an artist. In-between the material and the imagery you can make up your own story about them. Sometimes the proof in an artist’s bio might be more disappointing to a fan that is searching for something [laughs].

When we first had the chance to catch up over the summer you were touring in support of Anchors & Anvils, do you have plans for a follow-up?

Actually we just did a little ‘under the radar’ EP because I was desperate to record something. Most of it is just a handful of cover tunes that I kept in rotation during my live show that people would say, ‘What record is that song on?’ We just really knocked them out live at the studio in Archer Records, which sort of filled the void until we get the chance to cut the next record. It looks like I am about to get some broader distribution, especially in Europe. There is a little contract clause that says I cannot release anything until the first of next year.

Amy LaVere will be performing on the Conan O’Brien Show on Feb. 2, at Joe’s Pub on Feb. 3, and Mexicali Blues in Teaneck on Feb. 5. For more information you can visit her homepage at

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