3 Doors Down @ Sovereign Center

3 Doors DownREADING, PA—Hit after hit, the bands delivered a rock show with so much passion and intensity throughout the night; one would have had to have been in a coma to not have been rockin’ with Hinder from the opening song, “Use Me.” “Up All Night” had nearly everyone singing back-up and proved to be one of their best songs until their powerful ballad, “Lips Of An Angel,” that brought together a cool combination of acoustic and electric guitars.

Austin Winkler took every opportunity to touch the hands of fans during their set, but not only the fans in the first few rows, because during the last song, “Get Stoned,” he left the stage and made his way around the venue greeting everyone along the way. Hinder delivered a really fun, energetic show. It felt like a big party that you didn’t want to end and it’s no surprise Mötley Crüe picked Hinder to support them on their tour.

3 Doors Down delivered a much different type of show, understandably, as the majority of the songs have more serious content. I was already touched by the number of National Guard fans who were part of the band’s guest list. Having seen 3 Doors Down several times, I missed seeing all the pyro at this concert, but it didn’t take away from the passion that is felt with each and every show. Their concert was dedicated to those serving our country.

A loud sound of a train coming closer and lights on the drum riser that resembled the front of a train had everyone anxiously awaiting the start of their first song, “The Champion In Me.” They gave the crowd one hit after another (“Dunk And Run,” “Loser,” “Train,” “Be Like That,” “Away From The Sun”) with the movie-size video screen accompanying many of the songs with videos, cool graphics, and meaningful messages. Brad’s voice sounded absolutely flawless, even during “Kryptonite” when he played drums as well. There were times when Greg’s playing was so powerful that he was off his seat pounding on the drums even harder, and at times with Todd joining him on the riser, it was one of the many moments one could really feel the energy this band always delivers. Matt and Chris were as strong and solid as ever.

The show ended with shooting confetti with our flag waiving big and bright on the screen. What a way to end the show!