Enter Shikari Power Up Trancecore Machines

Enter Shikari have set themselves apart from hardcore bands by adding a heavy trance/rave sound on their new album, Common Dreads. By taking fast-paced trance music and mixing it with an aggressive hardcore sound, they have become one of the few successful trancecore bands. Forming in St. Albans, England, in 2003, the band is known for non-stop touring and gaining quick fame with their debut album, Take To The Skies, which reached number four in the UK chart the first week. With singer Rou Reynold’s growling voice accompanied by blast beats and electronic melodies, Enter Shikari has brought glow stick raver music and beat it up in the raw pits of hardcore. They will be playing at the School Of Rock in South Hackensack on July 7. For more info go to entershikari.com.