North Jersey Notes: Progressive Dementia

I thought that I’ve seen it all when it comes to live performances, but apparently I haven’t. A band called Progressive Dementia has recently risen its ugly head across my attention span, and just when I thought that Ape Fight was the weirdest band that I’ve ever met, in walks Progressive Dementia. They remind me of Meat Loaf and a Broadway play having sex and their offspring being Progressive Dementia. Seriously, the song “Cameltoe” is so freakin’ weird, but the lyrics are hilarious, which really drew me in to listen to more. The song “The Crab Lies Down On Broadway” could be a song heard on Broadway in some X-rated play. I think Progressive Dementia and Ape Fight should get together and tour! That would be one interesting show!

Progressive Dementia is a rock band and an improvisational comedy troupe wrapped into one. They’re a band who is constantly thinking and writing using pop culture references and surreal humor. They mix these in their live show with a musical journey punctuated by costume changes and prize giveaways. The humorous lyrics really hide what this band is capable of as they write complicated songs about stupid things. Progressive Dementia recently teamed up with gold and multi-platinum award winning record producer, Dan Grigsby to create Muffin Puppet, their first CD for the record label 4Q Music. Progressive Dementia is made up of singer/guitarist Bryan Zeigler, who dresses like a carrot, keyboardist Ginger Horner, bassist Claude Bauschinger, and drummer Dan Gottesman.

Progressive Dementia is currently performing to promote their CD, Muffin Puppet, where you can see singer Bryan Zeigler dressed like a carrot and screaming obscenities, while their twice former bass player dresses like Satan and stabs the keyboard player in the ass during the prize giveaway of prizes bought from the Dollar Store. Sound like fun to you? Then get your ass to a Progressive Dementia show! Check them out at


The short-lived duo Twice, featuring Geb from Echofission and singer Jaymie Gerard, recently played their final show together at the 76 House in Tappan, NY, a couple of weeks ago. Turns out, Jaymie is taking her beautiful voice to New Hampshire to pursue her Masters in education in the fall. Good luck to Jaymie, and we hope to hear her voice again soon! As for Geb, you can see him live with Echofission this Saturday, Aug. 22, at the Wharton Canal Day Music Festival in Wharton, NJ. For more info, log onto and if you want listen to Jaymie Gerard sing, log onto

Has anyone heard the new Piston Driven song, “Hang Loose?” Holy crap! I just got a few songs emailed to me, and I have to say that when this CD drops, we may have a new king of the North Jersey area. These songs kicked my ass! I also got to hear, “No Win, No Out” and “Are You Ready?” When I told guitarist Joe Wilkinson and drummer Scotty O that I thought that their new singer Fern reminded me of David Lee Roth, Scotty O responded with, “He is a fan of the Roth!” Joey told me that Piston Driven is pushing for “Hang Loose” to be the lead single off of their debut CD and Scott Evil from WDHA is already spinning it! Give “Hang Loose” a listen at and catch Piston Driven live at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, next Saturday night, Aug. 29, with Split Vision who will be playing their final show!

And finally, if you’re not doing anything this Sunday, Aug. 23, come down to Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, to see my new band Mean Venus open for ‘80s glam band Pretty Boy Floyd. It’s going to be a Sunday matinee with doors opening early! If you want to give my new band Mean Venus a listen, you can log onto

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Just remember….We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!

NJN Concert Calendar:

8/20—Saints of Pain—Don Hill’s, NYC

8/21—Life Without Warning—Loop Lounge, Passaic Park, NJ

8/22—Knollwood—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

8/22—Rahway—Rock The Ink Festival, Providence, RI

8/22—Echofission—Wharton Canal Day Music Festival, Wharton, NJ

8/22—Bled For Glory—Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ

8/22—Claire’s Well/Hope Kills Fear—The Cup Complex, Linden, NJ

8/22—Ape Fight—The Lamp Post, Jersey City, NJ

8/23—Mean Venus/Pretty Boy Floyd—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

8/24—Diablo Royale—Arlene’s Grocery, NYC

8/26—Steve Brown—Copper Bottom, Florida, NY

8/28—Milan/The Wailers—The Surf Club, Seaside Heights, NJ

8/28—Progressive Dementia—Times Square Arts Center, NYC

8/28—Steve Brown and the Fallouts—Beachcomber Bar, Seaside Heights, NJ

8/29—Split Vision (final show)/Piston Driven—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

8/29—Diablo Royale—Maximum Capacity, Chicopee, MA

8/29—Bled For Glory—Automata Chino, Jersey City, NJ

8/29—Mean Venus—Victory Motorcycle Event, Lebanon, NJ

8/29—Cover Her Face—Championship Bar and Grill, Trenton, NJ

8/30—Steve Brown and the Fallout—Bally’s Bikini Beach Bar, Atlantic City, NJ

8/31—Diablo Royale—Arlene’s Grocery, NYC

9/4—With Daggers Drawn/Silence Will Fail—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

9/5—Diablo Royale—Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

9/5—Bled for Glory/Painful Urination—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

9/5—Echofission—Evolve 2012 Music and Arts Festival, Augusta, NJ