Lexappeall: The Rowdy School Of Rock, Steel Panther & Beardo!

Before I venture into the Shwayze show, I’d like to sadly say I completely forgot about my good friend Rat’s show at Irving the other week! I Am The Avalanche played with Bayside and I missed it. Awful friend, I know… Sorry Rat!<3

Puking little girls and the dank smell of pot basically sums up this past Friday at the School of Rock. Security confiscated just about everything you can think of, people were kicked out and some even passed out. On the other hand, the handsome and talented Beardo was awesome! As was Shwayze and Cisco and I’m looking forward to their new album Let It Beat. (It drops on my birthday, coincidence? I think not. Cisco, we’re meant to be.)

Who’s ready to rock?! I have mixed feelings on this Steel Panther show that ExcessdB and the Aquarian Weekly have put together at Mexical Live. It’s going to be a good time, and it’s certainly going to get ridiculous. I’ll be needing a few beers to get through this one!

One of our OTV bands, Kids of Survival, is playing the School of Rock this Saturday Oct. 10. I’ll be on site with Viv all evening helping them out. I also be at the School of Rock on Oct. 12 for Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa.

That’s all for now. See you out there.

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