The Raveonettes: In And Out Of Control

With all the bands starting with “the” and ending in “ettes,” it’s hard to decipher who’s who. The Danish duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, better known as The Raveonettes, are easy to identify thanks to distinct soda pop shop space harmonies mixed with a dark pop sound.

Their new album, In And Out Of Control, is music for the morning drive. The synths play soft melodies that are soothing and sweet coupled with edgy guitars to rouse you from your slumber. “Heart Of Stone,” along with other tracks, has a My Bloody Valentine feel with echoed vocals and background oohs. Though The Raveonettes have never had multi-layered lyrics, they do touch upon issues like rape, drugs and suicide with their simple words. The last track, “Wine,” has whispery vocals accompanied by elegant beats and ambient noise, ending the album on a serene note.

In And Out is a really good pop album that see-saws between songs that kick and songs that comfort. Though some tracks do get repetitive and sound a little similar, The Raveonettes keep such comparisons fleeting with their brief songwriting.

In A Word: Starry