Lexappeall: CMJ Pre-Parties, Paramore And Towed In Manhattan

So there’s nothing like being completely shitfaced in front of your boss at a club in Manhattan and every time the bass hit, you proceed in hip bumping him while you talked… but all in all I had an awesome time at the CMJ kick off party! Rebel was filled with Mike Cera/Ace Enders looking guys and I was in heaven!

Let me rewind a bit though, I saw Despised Icon on Oct. 17, overall, the night was perfect. I was surrounded by friendly faces, some I haven’t seen in months, the music was killer. If I ever wore anything besides dresses… and actually had pants on at a DI show, I’d probably dance. It may be hard for some of you to imagine that, but that’s just how much I like them! I tried my damnedest to sit through the Brokencyde show and I just couldn’t handle it. The crowd was underage walking highlighters. I had to leave at 7:30 p.m. I was blinded by all the neon I guess you could say…

V-dub and I went to a local show and the promoter had no music to play between sets, luckily I had one of our OTV band’s CD in my car so I ran out and gave him the Doppler Effect’s album. After two songs I was watching kids reaction to the high energy, catchy pop riffs and immediately knew these kids loved it! Some were dancing, and two girls even asked where to get the CD. Haha. I hope TDE gets more shows out here soon; they have a lot of potential and I genuinely think they’ll go places. I mean, common, their music is like crack to 15-year-old girls. What more do you really have to do?

On another note, do I even want to get into what happened last night!? I decide that I’ll go to the Paramore show with Ani at Hammerstein Ballroom, right? Right. First off, I parked a thousand damn miles from the venue and we had to carry the heaviest stuff all the way there, stopping every block or so to rest our hands. We get to the venue and Rob tries taking us in through doors leading to a memorial service… awkward. The night runs pretty smoothly while John finagles Shwartzy to read his poetry aloud. I nearly bit through my finger trying not to laugh in this dudes face. (Thank you John for that.) Hayley is a blonde now, so I learned from the three songs I watched. I’m not sure when that happened. SO we walk all the way back to the car, to find it missing. Stolen or towed? Towed. Stranded with three fucking dollars between the two of us… Ani’s boyfriend picks us up and drives us home by like 1am or 2am. I get money and have my brother and his friends drive me right back in. Let me tell you! The Manhattan tow place is hell. It’s the damn DMV of towing. I waited on line for, what feels like, hours. I get home just before 6am today. The cost you ask? $185 to get the car out, and a nice ticket of $115. FML.

I don’t have much coming up this week. On Saturday I’m debating on Cartel vs. The White Tie Affair, besides that I’ll just be out and about chillin.

Bands! Let’s not forget about the Break Contest starting up! The Bamboozle’s Break Contest is now tailed with the Aquarian’s On the Verge Contest! If you haven’t entered yet, make sure you do! There’s lots of new thing going on this year, and I’ll be at the Break Contests way more.

See you all out there.

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