Lissy Trullie: Self-Taught Learner

I hate that anyone who is an okay musician can get a record deal if the contract is right and they wear goofy clothing. Then again, I idolize all the New Romantic Blitz Kids of the ‘80s and most of them ended up with a record deal even if they were coked out of their minds. So I’ll let it slide for androgynous recording artist Lissy Trullie, but she has to thank Marc Almond and Boy George for it.

Her new album, Self-Taught Learner, is an album full of average songs. Even with the evil catchy Strokes-like guitar sound, which usually is ear candy to most, the sugary sweet songs still didn’t stick. “Ready For The Floor” is the best track on the record with dancing bass drum beats and her vocals that sound like a mix of Chrissie Hynde and Karen O. Adam Green from The Moldy Peaches is featured on her cover of “Just A Friend” by Biz Markie, which is cool because Biz Markie is the man, but she makes this funny crooning love ballad into a lame cliché.

Even though Lissy Trullie does set herself apart from the other women solo artists by having a unique style, background in performance art, and being a former model, her music doesn’t stand out. It’s average pop music that doesn’t fit to her fresh and distinctive image.

In A Word: Eh