Interview with Danzig: He’s The One, He’s The One

One of hard rock’s most iconic underground (and mainstream) figures, Glenn Danzig is nothing if not busy. Currently helming a record label (Evilive) and a comic book company (Verotik) in addition to his musical interests, as well as penning comic book stories and directing short films, the founding frontman of the Misfits, Samhain and his eponymous current incarnation always has something in the works.

Currently, he’s almost finished the next Danzig release, the follow-up to 2004’s Circle Of Snakes, though there was 2008’s compilation The Lost Songs Of Danzig and 2006’s Black Aria II as a solo artist (yes, Danzig and Glenn Danzig are separate entities), a continuation of his ambient/classically orchestrated 1992 solo record, aptly titled Black Aria. Also, Verotik and Evilive are releasing an illustrated book of Danzig lyrics and a follow-up comic to one of the comic’s first series, Verotika.

Danzig talked about all of the above, as well as some possible litigation against Disney for their much-hyped princess movie, a (hopefully) upcoming cover record and of course, the new Danzig record on the eve of a special post-Christmas headlining show at Sayreville’s Starland Ballroom with fellow Misfit Doyle von Frankenstein’s Gorgeous Frankenstein.

How is the new Danzig record progressing?

It’s almost done. I’m just trying to write some great songs and put out a record I’m happy with and hopefully my fans will like.

Have you ever been tempted to merge some of your more classically influenced impulses like the Black Aria releases with the metal that Danzig is generally known for?

(laughs) The closest that’ll happen is maybe the song that Danzig comes out to. That’s about it. Of course, I always add layers in different stuff that maybe some people hear and maybe some people don’t. As far as making an orchestral metal record, nope (laughs).

It’s a good question, it’s just that I would probably not do that. And if I did do it, I would probably call it something different. I don’t think it would be cool for me personally, maybe some other people might think differently, but for me, if I bought a ticket to see Danzig and it was some weird orchestral metal thing going on… you know what I mean? If it was called something different maybe it would be different, but if it says Danzig, they’re expecting ‘Twist Of Cain,’ new stuff, old stuff, whatever else. They’re expecting a Danzig concert and that’s what we give ‘em.

Maybe somewhere down the line, but I don’t think so. I have so many things I want to do right after this Danzig record, if I do any touring on it or not, then it’s gonna be Black Aria III.

You say if you’re going to do any touring on it. It seems as if you wanted to step back from touring for a little bit.

A long time ago I said I wasn’t going to tour anymore and then I didn’t really. And then I did a couple of West Coast shows and then we tried out something where I did a couple shows and flew home. I don’t like hanging out on the bus. I have so many things I’m doing it’s just a waste of time sitting on the bus between shows. The shows are great, but then it’s that other 22 hours sitting on the bus, doing nothing, being in a weird hotel or whatever. So that worked out okay, and then we tried a thing where we did a couple dates on the East Coast and a couple dates on the West Coast. And then last year we did the Blackest Of The Black tour with Dimmu [Borgir] and I flew home every four days or whatever it was. That worked out okay, so we’ll see if something like that is proposed this year, possibly maybe I’ll go out here in America.