North Jersey Notes: New Day Dawn—Maplewood, NJ

Since I started writing this column back in 2001, I remembered that one of the coolest female voices on the North Jersey rock scene belonged to Dawn Botti of the band Slush Puppy. They’ve since broken up, but Dawn and her drummer/husband, Gary Szczecina, have arisen on the North Jersey rock scene once again with their new project New Day Dawn. From the sounds of songs like “Misunderstood,” “Follow,” and “Deeper Down” off of their debut CD, The Company We Keep, it seems Dawn has not skipped a beat and sounds even better than I remember.

Singer Dawn Botti and her husband/drummer Gary Szczecina found much success in the early half of the decade with their earlier project, Slush Puppy, which garnered them multiple music awards, a sponsorship with Jagermeister, and rotation on K-Rock, NYC’s largest hard-rock station at the time. Slush Puppy’s sudden break-up had left Dawn and Gary a bit wiser for the wear. The duo enlisted my bud PJ Angeloni from L.A.T.C.H. on guitar and John Williams on bass to round out the line-up now known as New Day Dawn, who already are making waves with a nomination for Best Rock/Alternative band by the Hoboken Music Awards here in 2009.

New Day Dawn released their first full-length CD, The Company We Keep, back in January. The CD showcases Dawn’s vocal versatility, which she does without any problems on the country-alt rock ballad “Daddy’s Song.” She willingly changes the mood of the CD to aggression on the modern rocker “Paralyzed.” It’s great to see Dawn Botti and her hubby back on the scene and best off all to see my bud, PJ Angeloni, playing in another great band. Check out New Day Dawn at


I just received an email from Deathrash bassist and co-founder, Pat Burns. He wanted to tell me that Deathrash will be hosting a weekend-long CD release party for their upcoming CD, Thrash Beyond Death. The first night will be Friday, Jan. 22, at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, with a bill to be determined still, and the second night will be Saturday, Jan. 23, at Duff’s in Brooklyn, NY, where they will be the only band of the night. Pat also told me that the band will be playing their classic “Possessed By Thrash” for the first time in 22 years at these shows! Get more info about the Deathrash CD release party weekend by logging onto

Back in June I featured a band called DareDevil Squadron here in North Jersey Notes. If you don’t remember them, they’re based out of Brooklyn, NY, but the unique thing about them is that a few of their members play in the world renowned Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Anyway, I recently got an email from DareDevil Squadron guitarist Angus Clark letting me know that the band finally released their first CD, Out Of The Sun, which is now available via iTunes. The CD features the title track “Out Of The Sun,” the bluesy “Back Lounge” and “Chronicles Of Sorrow, Part 1.” Go to or to order your copy of DareDevil Squadron’s debut CD, Out Of The Sun, now! For more info about DareDevil Squadron, log onto

And finally, my boys from Borgo Pass recently opened for the newly reunited BioHazard at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY. BioHazard is currently on the road celebrating their 20 years of existence, so congrats to Borgo Pass for opening such a high-profiled gig. On another congratulatory note to Borgo Pass, their new single, “The Dogs Know Better,” has been put into rotation on Sirius/XM’s Liquid Metal station. You can request “The Dogs Know Better” at You can follow Borgo Pass on Twitter to find out where they’re playing next at

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