Lexappeall: Race Karts, Friday Night Boys and Number 12

Have you ever seen action flicks with the big bad giant Russian bad guys? Now imagine them in race karts at Velocity 17, and picture them purposely crashing into me. Just because a female was beating you, doesn’t mean your 6″ 6′ overcompensating ego can ram into me! I’ve never crashed so bad and Rob clipping me from the back didn’t help the aftermath of limping and aching either. FML. Besides all that rubbish, the Break Contest went well, and we did our best to have a blast. Very fun! Last week I also swung by the School of Rock to check out the Friday Night Boys and omg MegOhio and I almost died. A black kidnapper van tried running us off the road chasing us through Hackensack, and I’ve probably never been so scared in my life. Luckily Meg got us to a busy main road, and he pulled away. Despite nearly being kidnapped, the show was packed, and the bands played well. I love everyone there. Honestly I do.<3

Upcoming in the life of Lexappeall, I’ll be at the Number Twelve Looks Like You farewell show tomorrow night. I’m sure the night will be full of good vibes of old faces.

Preferably I won’t be sober either… I’ll be back at the School of Rock Wednesday for Set Your Goals and down at the Croc Rock for Minus the Bear Thursday.

Don’t forget to get out to the Break Contest to support the bands every weekend. Support your friends! Don’t be whack, sen. Keep submissions rolling. We have big things planned, don’t miss out!

One last thing, we now go Live on Stickam from the Aquarian office on Thursdays. Come say hi! Ask us questions, tell us what’s on your minds.

See you out there.