Minus The Bear: Infinity Overhead

The fifth studio album by Minus The Bear is one that is highly anticipated by fans all across the globe. Infinity Overhead is perfect for any fan looking for either a new style or elements of old ways.

If you’re unfamiliar with MTB, you should know that there are a few special attributes to the band that help them stand out. Each member of the group has an interesting history of musical projects. For instance, guitarist Dave Knudson was once the man behind the strings of Botch, a vicious hardcore band. Although they have always surprised us with their smooth sounds, MTB have still found a new way through Infinity Overhead.

“Steel And Blood” is the first track on the release, feeling different from all of their previous music in its introduction. There is much more focus on the guitar tone rather than on the electronics. Just as soon as the keyboards kick in, they blow the listener away with synthesizing effects. Vocalist Jake Snider’s voice is just as calming as it’s always been. “Heaven Is A Ghost Town” is the piece that takes everything down a couple notches. Guitar work and vocal harmonies sound meaningful yet sad at the same time.

Minus The Bear have shown, through their material, what kind of musicians they are. These gentlemen are straight up jazz players. While this is most evident in their acoustic record, all of the other releases by them have roots and influences concealed behind everything. Hidden jazz is still contained within Infinity Overhead, and it makes for a very interesting characteristic. Regardless of the fact that Minus The Bear’s approach to writing has not changed, there are still bits and pieces of development in their sound.

In A Word: Smooth