Hammerfall: Hammerfall Wins Respect Across Globe With Heartfelt Songs About Alienation, Killing

Eighties metal redemption rock—this is Hammerfall’s schtick and it is awesome, especially the first songs of their newest album, No Sacrifice, No Victory. The Swedish group reminds us of basic life goals: “Kill! Win! Live! Die!” And then this manly man chorus comes in: “By any means necessary, by any means necessary! Fight for glory! Metaaaalll gloorrryyyyy.” Oohhkay. “Last Man Standing” copied most of its lyrics from that Green Day song—”I walk alone, with my head held high, never felt that I belonged…”—but redeems itself with the chorus, “I am the one, who lost control, but in the end I’ll be the last one standing!” Cleary Hammerfall lends itself to athletic, life-threatening pursuits and why, wouldn’t you know, in 2006 they wrote a song for the Olympic Swedish women’s curling team! They play Irving Plaza, Mar. 7, 8 p.m., $24.38-$70, 16-plus. hammerfall.net.