Bob Desper: New Sounds

Bob Desper is a folk singer/songwriter who released an album, New Sounds, thirty some odd years ago on a small Christian label. Recorded in one take, the themes of the album are faith, age, death and life; which are tackled with reverence and strong storytelling. However, no matter how interesting a back story the album has or what themes it deals with, this album is still a weak and bland attempt that makes for a tiresome listen.

Bob’s biggest issue is his voice, there’s just nothing interesting about it. Great singer/songwriters have distinct voices and range, either vocally or emotionally, that makes them important to music history. Every song on New Sounds feels flat and undercooked; his great storytelling becomes dwarfed by his inability to convey the importance of his message.

Sometimes an interesting back-story can add to the power an album has, but more than not, it’s used as an attempt to make a case for bad music. This could have been better if Bob tried a little more vocally and maybe took his time with the recording. What could have been a classic, fascinating album is instead a dull husk of something no one remembers.

In a word: Dull