Callers: Life of Love

There are some albums that harken back to a specific era and sound instantly familiar despite being new. On Life of Love, Callers have created a set of songs that is reminiscent of the ‘60s soul sound. While it’s clearly indie rock music, the arrangements are sparse and delicate, putting most of the spotlight on Sara Lucas’ brilliant singing voice.

Reminiscent of Karen Carpenter by way of Linda Lyndell and Mable John, Sara’s voice is striking, rich, mature and deeply soulful. The guitar work of Ryan Seaton is gorgeously understated and classy. He playa jazz chords and post-rock riffs that intersect perfectly with Sara’s voice. The passion and feeling of the music is mesmerizing, and it’s easy to get caught up in it.

Records like Life of Love are rare. There are a lot of bands and singers who aim to capture timelessness and evoke a certain era which often fail. Callers have grace, class and an understanding of how the American songbook works and how it can be manipulated. The results here are perfect.

In a word: Timeless