Turbid North: Orogeny

With a name like Turbid North and with the artwork on the front of the CD case I was certain that I was about to listen to a really slow doom metal album or some brand of Viking-themed power metal. I, however, was wrong in both instances; Turbid North come from the frigid steeps of Alaska playing a vicious mix of death and thrash metal, and they do it well. All the elements quintessential to death and thrash metal are present on Orogeny; shredding leads, furious double-bass, undulating bass and irate growls.

Alex Rydlinski and Nick Forkel hold things down in the guitar department and do so extremely well. Their playing is varied from track to track; you’ll never feel like you’re listening to the same track over and over again with this band.

The vocals are your typical death growl as well as a half-shout reminiscent of the vocal style of Mastodon. Adam Rydlinski, the drummer, does his job well and pushes the music forward without overwhelming or overpowering the other instruments in the mix. The bass, played by Chris Toole, is nicely low in the mix, giving the songs an extra kick.

The production on this album is noteworthy due to its power and clarity, every instrument sounds perfectly placed in the mix. Over all Orogeny is an impressive sophomore release for this Alaskan band and it’s certainly worth adding to the collection.

In a word: Solid