Intercept: Symphony For Somebody Else

If ever there was a band that could be called “radio rock,” Intercept definitely trumps them. By no means are Intercept a bad band, in fact they’re quite catchy. Have you ever listened to a band and known exactly where all their songs were going? Intercept are that sort of band, they try to do everything right but only within the confines of the genre.

Every song is calculated to be radio friendly, catchy and memorable long enough for you tell your friends about it and run to the store and buy copies of the album. The guitars are awash with reverb and delay, and the treble is just high enough for the guitars to be heard yet low enough to avoid giving the guitars that beloved cutting quality that turns so many people away from heavier music. The bass is low enough to avoid cloying up the whole mix’ nothing is out of place but that’s just what makes this music so suspicious and stale.

The vocals are definitely the main focus of this group, Christian Knudson is a great vocalist and his voice soars over the music but his lyrics are the typical sappy mewling about girls, relationships and feelings. As I said the music is very formulaic and they do everything they can to create a generic slab of radio rock that you’ll love in passing but never get into beyond the singles. This is rock at its most dishonest. I would only recommend this music to people whose idea of great music was the stuff played on K rock.

In A Word: Trite