Anthony D’Amato: Down Wires

If an album doesn’t grab the listener within the first three minutes (intro excluded) then it probably won’t last long term. Anthony D’Amato, doesn’t have this problem. He understands how to kick off a record.

The first track on this one, “Ballad of the Undecided,” is a complete zinger of an opener. It starts off with a simple yet effective guitar lead and continues until Anthony’s voice slides up the middle. His voice has a great presence within the music—and this isn’t the sort of presence that can be faked through the use of crafty editing. His voice is confident and uncertain all at once. It is a contradiction indicative of his individuality that only lends strength to his integrity as a singer. His skills on the guitar are also impressive. He never gives in to the all too real urge to strum his way through a song and rely solely on his voice. His guitar work is just as important to his music as his lyrics.

In a day and age where anyone can pick up a guitar, record a song on their computer’s webcam, post it on YouTube and gain a following, it’s hard to find an artist who really breaks the mold and makes something honest and unique. Anthony is intent on making enjoyable and distinctly honest music. For fans of great singer/songwriters like Dax Riggs this disk is definitely worthy of consideration.

In A Word: Twangy