Auradrone: Whitelite Britelite

The vivacious and prolific Jon Mack helms Auradrone. Jon is a she for those of you that are used to the other Jon on this coast. Whitelite Britelite is Mack’s debut and she wastes no time curve-balling some interesting choruses right out of the gate with “Auto Erotic.” Techno rock is the name of the game here and Jon uses more than enough convincing live players to keep this moving in a fresh direction. Her arabesque vocal tone and dynamic composition power are stellar in a genre that usually sacrifices quality for content.

Other highlight songs such as, “Dark Matter,” “Petit Mort,” “Vessel” and “Just Outside” ring in cool Dale Bozzio meets Shirley Manson meets Madonna vibes as Mack powers key, strong vocals that fly in over the band, easily commanding the center.

Guitars keep the songs locked in crunchable realism and the drum machines are reigned and mixed with the live skin bashing of Bernard Galane. Production is handled well by Mack and engineering is top rate with guys like Jared Robbins, Aurin lahiri and Julian Smith at the board. If you dig music in the vein of Depeche Mode, Garbage and Nine Inch Nails then you’re in business with Auradrone.

In A Word: Compelling