OverKill: Immortalis – Live At Wacken Open Air 2007

To decimate one’s foes implies that one in ten of them die. Certainly not bad odds for a fledging conqueror, but OverKill are better than that. One in 10? Try utter annihilation. 10 in 10 fans of metal will be absolutely demolished by this. Or not…?

This album is a lot like a wiener dog. It is a little longer than it should be, and it suffers in the middle for it. The first two tracks are pretty awesome and kept me interested, however, the next five were absolutely monotonous. They were all in the same languid mid-tempo and it was sort of like being stuck in an elevator with a kid that you’re assigned to watch. Yes, you’re being paid, but the kid’s a bastard.

OverKill fans, don’t despair, it does get better! When “Charlie Get Your Gun” arrives (track eight) they get off their asses and play some real, honest thrash metal and boy is it awesome. I’m not sure if that’s the case simply because the five tracks before it were really boring, but it just hits hard, and it has some speed behind it. OverKill proceed to kick complete ass for the next six tracks and they do not let up. I love being surprised but I think the five tracks of filler are inexcusable. What was the point? They could have released this with just the eight tracks and had something really killer on their hands.

If you’re not an OverKill fan don’t bother with tracks three through seven. It is not worth the boredom or the frustration. Most of us listen to our music on our computers so when you buy this album and rip it to your PC, delete the aforementioned tracks and enjoy the rest. In regards to goodies, though, you do get three bonus tracks and a DVD. So this is also one for the discography collectors out there.

In A Word: Disappointing