Nightmares For A Week: Don’t Die

Nightmares For A Week’s debut album, Don’t Die, is raw pop punk. For a first attempt at a full-length release, it is impressive. The first track was a full acoustic song, which built up into the more traditional punk sounds. The Kingston, NY-based group has some obvious influences in popular bands like The Misfits. This rough around the edges act stays true to what most people think of as punk, while adding their own unique tastes into their music.

What really impressed me about the band were the changes in dynamics and tempo throughout each song. There is never a dull moment, because the style is always switching from fast-paced, exciting songs, to slowed down, acoustic tracks and everything in between. While most of the time, they stay true to the style of their most popular track on the album, “Veins,” Nightmares For A Week is always adding subtle things to make their songs unique. At one point, the song “Lightning Rod” features a saxophone solo in the midst of a country feel.

If I had to define this style, I would call it quiet punk. It’s not intense music; it’s easy to listen to. The raspy vocals along with the backing of the satisfying instrumentals are relaxing yet keep pushing on. And the different styles used on a few of the tracks keep the album interesting as it progresses. I would definitely keep an eye on this band as they grow and mature into experienced artists, but for right now, I say give this album a look. Although it’s not the polished type of music you’d expect from a new release, it’s a good change.

In A Word: Promising