Sam Humans/The Heligoats: Live Free & Let Loose

This split album contains six tracks by Sam Humans and four tracks by the Heligoats. The two bands first met at a Greyday party at South By Southwest in 2008, which lead to the bond that made this collaboration possible. Sam Humans, formerly known as Modernstate, is known for his “sermon-like performances.” His smooth voice is backed by a band with an undeniable classic rock sound. Each of his songs highlight one of his numerous talents. From the fast, drum-pushed beats in “Firedrill” to the slower, calmer feel of “Can’t Stop The Sun,” Sam Humans shows his diversity and ability to perform different styles.

The tunes of Sam Humans continue on to feature catchy guitar riffs reminiscent of an older rock style, while changing dynamic and feel over time. His overall southern rock style continues to push his tunes until The Heligoats take over for their portion of the album.

This part starts off with a lively jam feeling. Like Humans, Heligoats has a similar type of southern rock feel, but in a full band setting. While mainly the vocals were featured on Sam Humans’ portion, the Heligoats focus on a more rounded sound. All of their songs sound like upbeat jam sessions with a vocalist accompaniment.

Overall the album was enjoyable, but would be most appealing for fans of this specific genre. While Sam Humans showed his diversity with different types of performances, The Heligoats did little to exit their comfort zone to show their musical talents.

In A Word: Ordinary