Sodom: In War And Pieces

Simply put, this is an awesome release. I did not expect Sodom to put out something this solid this late in their career. It’s almost like they planned it this way, ‘We’ll release some pretty awesome stuff early on, then coast for a while and then put out this little gem about 30 years into our career.”

The thing that I find most striking about this is that for old school thrash there is a decent degree of progression that has gone on in this band, they’re unapologetically melodic at many turns and it’s so awesome. Some bands stick to one sound for way too long and end up parodying themselves, but Sodom is not that type of band. Make no mistake, though, Sodom are still the band that you know and love; they’re thrashy, they’re ballsy and they’re hyper aggressive, just like they should be.

Good albums, when established bands release them, are especially tasty to the jaded palate. This proves that Sodom are not riding their own coattails. Sodom has always been here and they have shown, with this release, that they still have all the moves that brought them success long ago.

The only issue I can find with this release is that some songs should end sooner than they do and it takes away from the energy that they cultivate on a song. Otherwise, these guys have released a great album that deserves recognition.

This is an album that any metal fan can enjoy and break beautiful objects to at a moments notice.

In A Word: Visceral