Young Giant: Young Giant

“My body tells me no/But I won’t quit/Cause I want more.” This line from the second song off of Young The Giant’s self-titled debut can be shouted along to as an anthem for any occasion, but it is just as fitting as a declaration of desire to listen to more of the album.

I had gotten through the modest secondary guitar, tucked under the funky primary guitar, befriending the little notes of a third guitar and the clear, earnest voice delivering a sad piece on loneliness from a lover. “Apartment” was a great introduction, and as soon as the assertive bass, drum and guitar sirens of “My Body” started up, I knew I wanted more.

Sameer Gadhia switches between keeping delivery like words moving between stoplight colors, allying with the equally as staccato first guitar, and keeping everything flowing and befriending the other. Gadhia takes up a little tambourine now and then, the little brother to the drums, which modestly stay in the middleground; François Comtois seems quite secure in choosing to let the rest of the boys take the spotlight, knowing full well that he’s the guy keeping the show tied together.

“Strings” evokes feelings of being back on some faraway beach, the one you just remembered you want to go back to. Payam Doostzadeh’s warm bass inspires thoughts of looking up from underwater. “Islands” sobers the party up, with sparse sounds and delivery that sounds like the angst drenched soliloquy on a dry stage, before the drums carefully help the speech along. A violin lends even more emotion towards the end of the piece.

“Feel wonderful/How wonderful” are a fraction of the lyrics of the closing song, “Guns Out.” How appropriate.

In A Word: Wonderful