Losing three out of five band members is certainly a tough obstacle to overcome, especially when you are down to only a vocalist and keyboardist. This is the case for the progressive metal band Evergrey, who hail from Gothenburg, Sweden. After their guitarist, bassist and drummer left, Evergrey decided to and replace them all. Glorious Collision blends strong guitars and riveting keyboards, to go along with the clear, high-pitched vocals from Tom Englund.

Fast, dark and deeply emotional, Glorious Collision takes you on a journey through their mysterious minds. Tracks like “Leave It Behind Us” and “You” rip with guitar solos and they flow smoothly. “I’m Drowning Alone” is extremely emotional, and with its dark lyrics and memorable chorus, it is an awesome song. The gloomy track “Free” is a well-written song, even if it is a bit on the slow side. “To Fit The Mold” starts out sluggish as well, though it does speed up with incredibly inspiring guitars. With aggressive, loud drums and a very catchy chorus, “Frozen” is the fastest song on the album.

Considering how many members they lost, this CD certainly is impressive. The songwriting by Englund is moving and I cannot get over how great the guitars sound. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

In A Word: Noteworthy

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