Augury: Concealed

Sometimes bands are just absurdly good at what they do. Augury are that sort of band. The first song “Beatus” has so many riffs that you could design an album just on all the melodies in this one song. The intro to “Cosmic Migration” would make any so-called progressive band fall on its ear in envy. This album is full of memorable moments, heck, it is a memorable moment; all 57 minutes of it. It’s always a breath of fresh air to discover that bands can be technical without using all the same techniques as their predecessors and contemporaries. Nothing on this album is derivative or poorly executed. It’s mechanical in its complexity, but distinctly human in the amount of passion that permeates from it.

Few bands can really be called epic, but Augury have some epic songs. Imagine condensing something of Homeric proportions into a single album and shooting it into outer space so that it could compound its grandeur with quixotic adventures and be even more monumental when it’s somehow reencountered.

The only comparison’s that could be possibly be drawn for purposes of recommendation is Opeth, but this band doesn’t sound like Opeth other than their similar methods of executing of a song. If you’re reading this and love death metal, then check this out. It’ll be one of the most interesting and compelling albums you’ll have heard in a while.

In A Word: Stellar