Odd Dimensions: Symmetrical

Did Dream Theater conceive a child that none of us knew about? That may have been Odd Dimensions. The Italian progressive metal band are set to release their debut album, Symmetrical, on March 22. The group blends strong guitars with high-pitched vocals, to go along with fast drums and phenomenal keyboards. There are seven songs on the disc that exceed the six-minute mark.

You will be blown away while listening to “Farewell To The Stars,” as it sounds like singer Manuel Candiotto channeled Dream Theater’s James LaBrie with his vocals. He hits all of the high notes with ease and the impressive drums of Federico Pennazzato pace the track. “The Ecstasy Of Hopes” is one of the lighter tracks but it is essentially flawless, as the keyboards, guitars and drums are all clicking and working off each other.

The turning point of the CD takes place on “Another Shore.” It switches gears and gets a bit darker, containing a catchy piano melody along with some emotional lyrics. The longest track, “Light Speed Journey,” starts out like an ‘80s pop song, before it transforms into the most memorable song off the disc. The album closes out with “I’ll Be Back Once More.”

This is the part where I am supposed to say that this is an impressive debut album from a new band. But this CD is just great, regardless of the fact that this is their first release. It’s definitely worth buying.

In A Word: Fascinating